That Sewickley Cemetery looks like a park is not an accident. Its original creators intended that the landscape, with its massive mature trees, rolling hills, meandering roads and stacked-stone walls, draw the observer’s mind away from thoughts of death and toward joy, peace and beauty. It is no surprise, then, that every day of the year you will see folks walking, running, and exercising their dogs in the cemetery. Many people make walking here part of their daily routine.

Having said that, if you are walking in the cemetery please know that you are welcome here, but that this is an active cemetery. At any given time, people may be visiting their loved ones’ graves, planting flowers or placing bouquets, wreaths or mementos, grieving, meditating, weeping, or needing some quiet moments. We ask that you be aware of what’s going on around you and respect this as an honored, sacred place. Similarly, we are happy for you to walk on the roads but be aware that they are roads for cars – make way for motor vehicles, and please do not walk through funerals or processions.

A Note about Dogs

We love our dog walkers and their furry friends, and our rules about dogs in the cemetery are simple: All dogs must be on a leash, and all owners must pick up after their dogs. Two Mutt Mitt stations are placed strategically within the cemetery at no cost to our walkers, for everyone’s convenience. They include both waste bags and garbage receptacles, and we ask that you please take advantage of them. Also, please do not let your dogs run among the graves – this is not only disrespectful to those buried here but also to our groundskeepers.