Sewickley Cemetery began with the purchase of 22 acres of land from the Rev. Robert Hopkins on a hill above Sewickley in 1859. The first burial of Eliza “Lidie” Fundenberg, wife of Civil War dentist Dr. Walter Fundenberg, took place on October 12, 1860, shortly before the official opening of the cemetery on November 1st. Mrs. Fundenberg’s weathered headstone still marks her grave at the crest of Section A, the cemetery’s oldest location, which overlooks the village below.

Since that time, the cemetery has grown to more than 80 acres, including room for expansion, and more than 14,000 souls are buried or entombed within its rolling grounds.

Safeguarding History

It could be argued that many “important” people from the early days of Sewickley and the city of Pittsburgh itself have found their resting places in our cemetery. The original list of incorporators includes the names of some of the most prominent men of the valley in the mid-19th century.

Yet every life is important, and every life has a story to be told.  The cemetery holds the histories of the people of our community, and over the decades, every soul interred here has brought this corner of the world to life in some way.  To safeguard and preserve these histories is, to us, a sacred trust.

Because of the increased popularity of genealogy research, we have recently added an interactive searchable map to assist you in finding ancestors and loved ones here in the cemetery. This search capability includes 360-degree views of the surrounding areas, interactive memorial pages to capture the histories of loved ones, and links to tours within the cemetery. A smart phone or a computer is all that is needed to “virtually wander the grounds” of our beautiful cemetery.

Board of Corporators

Manly E. Applegate
George D. Baker
J. Judson Brooks, Jr.
George H. Craig, Jr.
Carole M. Ford
Eric M. Happe
Loren M. Harris

Brian F. Jeffe
Thomas L. M. Pangburn
Donna J. Pavlis
Frederick L. Rose
J. Howison Schroeder
Harton S. Semple, Jr.

George B. Shannon
J. Brandon Snyder
Christopher R. Standish
Ryan A. Thompson
Charles Thorne
J. Scott Wendt III

Ted Stevens, Superintendent

Steve Musgrave, Office Manager

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