Funeral Service Options

Often people ask, aren’t burial costs included in the cost of the grave? This can be confusing, but the purchase of a resting place is separate from interment costs. Think of it as buying a wine glass, and then buying wine to pour into the wine glass. But arranging for a burial does not need to be complicated.

When the time comes to inter your loved one, our staff can work with you, or with your funeral director, or both. You will first need to pay for a full casket burial or entombment, or for a cremation burial, innichment, or entombment. And then the choices for interment services at Sewickley Cemetery are: either the use of our Chapel for a committal service, or a gathering at the deceased’s gravesite.

Our Chapel in the Mausoleum is the perfect place for small committal services and has 40 chairs, a lectern, and small tables available for pictures or flowers. Please be advised that the cemetery does not provide linens, electronics, etc. in the Chapel, and there are no restrooms. You are welcome to have a minister conduct a short service or have family and friends say a few words – this is up to you.

Family and friends may wish to gather at the graveside instead. There are pop-ups and larger tents and a limited number of chairs available for this purpose, and we always take into account the location and the weather for graveside services. Again, you are welcome to invite a minister to the graveside to pray or say a few words, or family and friends may conduct a simple service.

The option is also available for you to say goodbye at the funeral home or church, and let the funeral director bring your loved one’s remains to the cemetery, where we will take care of the interment without family or friends being present.

Fees for funeral services are included below. Please note that services taking place on weekends or holidays carry higher fees. We do ask for payment in full by the date of the interment.

Pre-Planning and Pre-Paying

One of the most generous and sensitive things you can do is to take care of all arrangements for your own interment or a loved one’s interment ahead of time. This allows you to be more clear-headed during decision-making, receive more input among the parties involved, and take some of the stress out of awkward conversations. Once arrangements are put in place, you can have peace of mind that even at a time of emotional upheaval, things can progress smoothly, and closure and healing can begin even in the midst of grief.

Sewickley Cemetery arranges for pre-planning in the same way as regular funeral arrangements, except that individuals’ prepaid monies go into a separate bank account, to be used only at the individuals’ death. The financial advantage of pre-paying is that you are locked into the price of interment at the time of payment. Even if the price goes up (and it does increase every couple of years), the price you paid at the time of pre-payment is the price of your interment at the time of your death, even if it is decades in the future. Planning ahead in this way ensures that your wishes, or the wishes of your loved one, are known and carried out appropriately. Contact the cemetery office to set up a pre-planning appointment.

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