Our beautiful granite public Mausoleum offers interior or exterior entombment options for either full caskets or cremated remains. The Mausoleum also houses the Chapel, which is available for committal services or quiet reflection. The front walls of the Mausoleum serve as our Memorial Walls, where names are inscribed of individuals who are not buried in Sewickley Cemetery but whose loved ones wished for them to be memorialized in this place. Click below for crypt prices, which are based on inside/outside and level – please note that entombment fees for caskets or urns includes the engraving on the door of the crypt, eliminating the need for a separate memorial stone or marker.

There are larger estate lots available in certain sections of the cemetery for the erection of private family mausoleums. Contact the office for more details if you are interested in estate property, or click below to see what is available in Section I.